Reponse to Covid 19


The Braddock Water Authority and Braddock Borough Sewer Department are committed to providing our customers with clean, safe drinking water and consistent sewage service. We would like to recapitulate our unwavering commitment to our customers. While keeping our staff and customers safe, we make it a priority to continue to provide quality water and service.

Customers should be assured that the COVID-19 virus does not pose a threat to drinking water safety, per the CDC and other public health authorities. Unlike a power outage or natural disaster, a pandemic does not impair our drinking water treatment capabilities. We attain our water from Wilkinsburg Penn Joint Water Authority. Their water treatment plant is operating normally, and their treatment procedures are effective at inactivating viruses.Tap water is safe to drink and use for personal hygiene. Both BWA and Wilkinsburg Penn Joint Water Authority will continue to monitor and test our water source, reserve tank, and our treatment systems to make certain Braddock water is of the highest quality.As we continue preparing for the growing impact of COVID-19, also known as “Coronavirus”our leadership team is coordinating with local public health and safety officials to be prepared for multiple scenarios as this situation unfolds.

Our actions include:

• Implementing a ban on water service shut-offs, regardless of account status Until July 31st. However, while water will not be shut off during this time, customers will still be billed for water and sewer services used during this period. Additionally, past due balances will continue to accrue if payment is not made, which can result in service termination after the discontinuance has lifted.
• Closing our office to the public and our in-person bill payment window, in favor of online, mail, and pay-by phone options.
• Reducing social interaction by eliminating non-emergency work services performed inside customer homes and businesses until June 1, 2020.
• Reducing social interaction by not allowing the public into the Braddock Borough Building until June 1, 2020.
• Enhancing safety training for essential field personnel to ensure proper use of personal protective equipment (PPE) and increasing cleaning frequency at work sites and inside vehicles.
• Daily health screenings for all essential personnel working at the treatment plant and in the field.
• Transitioning all staff who are able to work remotely.


• Implementing technology solutions to continue to serve customers while working remotely.
• Engaging vendors and business partners to ensure we receive continuous supply of critical materials like water treatment chemicals.
• Keeping employees and customers informed of emerging events via our website, social media, and real-time messaging via our phone system.
• Creating one point of entry for the entire borough building when the building reopens to the public on June 1st. That entry point will be the main entrance of the Braddock Borough Building located on 415 Sixth Street.
• Upon entry o Customers will not be allowed in our office without a mask or protective equipment.
• Customers will be limited to entering the Braddock Borough building one at a time.
• A specific day will be designated for high-risk and elderly persons upon reopening of the building to the public. Date will be specified at a later time. And we understand that the COVID-19 pandemic may present some new challenges to our customers, specifically as it relates to economic hardship. To assist with this potentialchallenge, we have established two COVID-19 hardship processes:• Moratorium on shut offs (March 16 through July 31, 2020)
• COVID-19 Payment Plan
• COVID-19 Temporary Water Service Turn OnThe Hardship Process information and application are accessible on our websites:


BOUROUGH OF BRADDOCK COVID-19 HARDSHIP PROCESSES The Borough of Braddock has established a few hardship processes to aid customers who have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. COVID-19 SHUT OFF MORATORIUM Effective as of March 16 through July 31, 2020, the Borough of Braddock Water Authority and Sewer Department will temporarily discontinue water shut offs. COVID-19 TEMPORARY WATER TURN ON PROCEDURE Based on an individual review of accounts, the Borough of Braddock Water Authority and Sewer Department will consider requests for turning water back on for those who have had their water service terminated for delinquent accounts.

Customers must meet the following criteria to be approved for this temporary service:

• Delinquent account must be under $1,000
• If renting, tenant must get consent from owner of the property in order for the water to be temporarily turned on
• Consent must be given by both the Braddock Water Authority and the Braddock Borough Sewer Department for water to be temporarily turned back on
• Complete and sign the COVID-19 temporary water turn on application Once approved, the customer must
• Schedule appointment for water to be turned on
• Be present at appointed time of turn on• Wear mask during any face to face interaction with BWA Staff
• Hire a licensed plumber to conduct the flushing process during scheduledappointment if water has been off for more than 3 months
• Have the plumber sign and date the application once flushing has beensuccessfully completed
• Establish COVID-19 temporary water turn on payment plan with theBraddock Water Authority and/or the Braddock Sewer Department COVID-19 PAYMENT PLAN This payment plan is for customers experiencing economic hardship as a result of COVID-19pandemic and for customers who have been approved for a COVID-19 temporary water service turn on.

The following criteria applies:
• The COVID-19 payment plan does not change the delinquent balance owed or waive the delinquent balance due on the account.
• Customer must make their COVID-19 payment plan payments, in addition to paying their quarterly bill payment to keep their account current and in good standing.
• A COVID-19 payment plan is not official until the application has been completed, approved, and signed off on by both the customer and a Braddock Borough official.